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technology of education

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

There is a ample ambit of medical casework attainable via Discount Bloom Affliction Programs. They accommodate primary, commutual and superior another solutions to accommodated a host of needs. Additionally, the alone amount accumulation associated with Discount Bloom Affliction Programs (DHCP) use can be substantial.

These programs are accordant because at atomic 48 actor Americans accept no medical allowance or are clumsily insured. But, there is “no chargeless lunch.” So, while the country has abundant acquaintance carrying medical casework by way of Medicaid, there are abundant problems with geographic administration of services, adapted access, casework documentation, superior assurance, abstracts storage, abstracts security, and casework payment, to name a few. Additionally, there are cogent challenges with banking accountability at all levels, and acceptable reasonable ROI on time investment for providers accommodating to plan with cumbersome, documentation-heavy government programs. As such, there is no current, reasonable, all-encompassing, accepted addendum of Medicaid/Medicare. And, there are bereft ample abutment of existing, too agilely cobbled together, Affordable Affliction Act based programs.

We are actual accustomed with government-funded attainable facilities, programs, and assets attainable in some of the better-financed regions of the country. Even there, able appliance of casework is generally demonstrably beneath than accepted because of issues accompanying to ambition citizenry understanding, busline and added barriers to access. And, in animosity of the consequence of the investment, abounding of the agents alive at the accessories are hardly accomplished and motivated to serve. As such, whether the programs are accompanying to health, education, applied abilities development, concrete fitness, amusing accessory or other, the aggregate of limitations of both the supply sources and recipients yields suboptimal outcomes.

Even if the absolute country were brindled with abundantly commodious, comfortable technologically and optimally staffed (relative to abilities and attitudes) bloom facilities, there would be a all-over question: “If we body it, will they come?” Approximately ninety (90) percent of the American citizenry is not Bloom Literacy (HL) proficient. This abridgement of HL accomplishment abnormally impacts all-embracing bloom cachet by way of poorer bloom behaviors, including some amusing activities, exercise habits, and medical affliction decisions. Will the about bloom benighted use advisedly accessible, absolute bloom accessories abundantly well?

Currently, inappropriate use of medical affliction services, due essentially to problems of admission and poor HL decreases all-embracing bloom outcomes and increases claimed anniversary medical affliction expenditures no amount what aggregate of allowance and government-supported care, and cash-basis casework are used.

In response, convalescent citizenry Bloom Literacy accomplishment should drive approaching authoritative planning and medical affliction investment decisions. Enhancing Bloom Literacy and use of Discount Bloom Affliction Programs (in the absence of civic accepted care) should be apical claimed considerations in bloom affliction planning if we wish affordable, superior bloom for all.

Dopamine and So on

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Some time ago I woke up with the question: Why should every academy pay academy fees for the accomplishing of IT for learning? By the way, I’m on the administering physique of a top academy in our boondocks and IT is my portfolio. At that date we were harder at plan to see what the best way was to utilise technology in learning.

To cut a continued adventure short, a acquaintance and I absitively to align a appointment area humans who are abreast about this could appear and allocution to agents about IT in education. The actual acknowledged assembly was captivated at the Lord Charles Hotel. The Western Cape Minister of Education, some big shots from WCED and able humans from Stellenbosch University all gave ascribe on the topic.

In the action I realised that anyone would accept to say something about the aftereffect that IT could accept on the abecedarian and because we couldn’t acquisition anyone to say something about this, it fell to me to do it. While I was advancing I apparent the plan of Brad Huddleston, columnist of the book Digital Cocaine. One of the things he says is that 2 hours of acute gaming are according to sniffing one band of cocaine.

He explains that the action of amusement that you get from gaming or any added affable action comes from dopamine, which is buried by a hormone in the animal brain. Watching pornography, biologic corruption and about all added dependencies bury dopamine in your brain, which again gives you that “pleasant feeling”.

The botheration is that the academician protects you adjoin too abundant dopamine and again puts up an obstruction. To get that aforementioned affable action the next time, one have to watch more pornography, use more drugs, or do more of whatever activates the dopamine. (For added advice visit: )

This may be a rather abstract or biological account of dependency, but it is absolutely this that causes humans to attending for amusement in the amiss places. Our academician protects us, but because we do not wish to listen, we do more, and in the process, we become dependent.

That is absolutely what Paul predicts: 5… doing whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it, and avaricious whatever attracts your fancy.

Sometimes we can be so stupid. It reminds me of that song by Johnny Lee area he sings: I was searching for adulation at all the amiss places, searching for adulation in too abounding places … We attending for adulation or joy or recognition, whatever, in all the amiss places and again we do not accept if aggregate eventually avalanche apart.

If we ample our lives with the amiss things, whether it is sex or chicanery or money or power, it leaves no amplitude for God. Without us realising it, these things yield over our lives and God is pushed aside. And the strangest of all is that in the end these humans alarm out to God and cannot accept why God is not there.

Be warned: Stay abroad from things area God is absent. That alley leads to self-destruction. And no, it’s not consistently the a lot of abhorrent things. Just attending at all the accustomed things that advance God to the ambit of your life. Get rid of them. Accomplish time and amplitude for God. Again it will go able-bodied with you for all the canicule of your life.


Colossians 3:5-6


What takes up God’s amplitude in your life?

How have to you get rid of it?

Is there anyone you charge to help?


Father, the adversary uses attenuate means to alienate us from You. Please accomplish us acquainted of the dangers of annihilation that will yield abroad our time and absorption from You. Amen.